My name is Oleg. And I am very glad to see you on my site. There is something about me. I am interior designer by education but by concurrence of circumstances and by my own choice I work with graphic arts. I like minimalistic style, simplicity, ease and laconism which I implement in my works. I devote my spare time to reviewing spheres of design from top to bottom as I like everything what is related to design and creative work. I like electronic music and films of high quality. I derive inspiration from everywhere around me as no-one can know what cab inspire you. I prefer individual and creative approach to every single project.

My aim is to create a product which will meet all your needs. I appreciate all needs and desires of my clients. This is my online portfolio. This site demonstrates some of my chosen projects. I hope that you appreciate it at its proper value.


-design of logotype, brand-name style, identifying style

-graphic design



Each single project starts with its discussion and brief making up. Indispensable condition for the start is 50 % prepayment.  In some cases the project can be divided into several phases, and each of them is prepaid.


Creation of brand and professional commercial design are investments into your business.  The cost of solution of this or that tasks is determined individually and depends on many factors.


I work quite quickly but at the same time I do not like to be in hurry. Haste is not good for quality in many spheres of our life. Serious approach takes some time. If something is urgent then it should be discussed in all details to avoid mistakes and alteration.

ADDITION: I am familiar with production of major portion of advertisement and on this basis in some projects there is an opportunity to reduce budget for advertising production. And of course, if there is such an aim, I can design a project taking into amount reduction of operating costs. 

Connect to me and let’s see what we can do!

You can call me at +38 (063) 626 03 38, send an email to - yorkprojekt@gmail.com or fill out the form below